Friday, February 27, 2009

Why am I so afraid of driving?


PUBLICATION: The Times (London), 1999.

SUMMARY: A journalist account of suffering from spontaneous driving anxiety and seeking help for it.

"...I was horrified at how out of proportion my fears had become."

"It was a relief to sit with Professor Ehlers who, without be judgmental, was able to explain what happened to me."

"Professor Ehler divides driving phobics into three categories. Post-traumic stress disorder follows an accident ... another group .. suffer from panic disorder ... someone with a driving phobia."

"Professor Ehlers ... "I would hope that your anxiety could be dealt with in 12 to 15 sessions...."

MY THOUGHTS: So this article neither explains what causes the anxiety, nor goes even as far as beginning to treat it.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Why call an article "why am I so scared of driving?" and then not provide any kind of answer? A phobia diagnosis describes that you are afraid--it does not explain why.

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